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2020 Was a WILD RIDE! For most, the biggest challenge was NOT being able to CREATIVELY communicate to their audiences VIRTUALLY (Insert HORROR Music). Find out what it takes to REALLY put on a POPPIN’ virtual experience.... and ZOOM isn’t it. #SORRYNOTSORRY. Learn what it takes to produce a successful virtual experience! 


This is for:

• Entrepreneurs

• Influencers 

• Churches

• YOU!

 We will share 3+ hours of interactive and engaging content on the latest trends in marketing, and tech. This event is designed to help out of the boxers learn how to make a lasting impression in the virtual world! 


What’s Included:
•Software Recommendations with a list of pros & Cons Tutorial on StreamYard 

•Marketing Strategies on How to Brand Your Virtual Event

•How set up effective online resources, such as payments, and instant chats

• Prework Packet

• Equipment Suggestions

• Creative Video Layouts

• Beginner Video Editing Tutorial

• An execution timeline

• Creative Virtual Conference Graphics Template

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